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VanEck Small Companies Masters ETF MVS

Fund description: The VanEck Small Companies Masters ETF (MVS) invests in a diversified portfolio of ASX-listed small companies with the aim of providing investment returns (before management costs) that closely track the returns of the MVIS Australia Small-Cap Dividend Payers Index (MVMVSTRG).

Index description: MVMVSTRG is a pure play rules based Australian sector index that tracks the performance of the most liquid dividend paying small cap local or offshore ASX listed companies which generate at least 50% of their revenues or assets from Australia.

Management style: Replication

Country of domicile: Australia

 as at 19-Jan-22

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  • ASX code

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  • Index provider

    MV Index Solutions
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  • Units outstanding

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  • Inception date1

  • ASX commencement

1The date the ETF was seeded prior to trading on ASX.
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