John C van Eck 

Our new brand VanEckreflects our evolution as a firm and unites our investment offerings under a single, contemporary brand, honouring our innovative heritage.

About VanEck

Founded in 1955, VanEck was among the first asset managers helping investors achieve greater diversification through global investing. Today we are recognised for being a pioneer in global markets and for drawing on our experience to offer innovative solutions. We offer these solutions to clients ranging from individuals to superannuation funds, financial advisors and institutional investors.

VanEck is one of the world’s largest exchange traded product (ETP) issuers. In Australia our range of ETFs (exchange traded funds) offer investors intelligently designed investment strategies that take advantage of targeted market opportunities.

With offices in key financial centres and regions including New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Frankfurt, Madrid and Zurich, VanEck offers investors broad investment reach with deep experience.

Founder and family

VanEck was founded in New York in 1955 by John C. van Eck Jr with the launch of an innovative International Invest vehicle for US investors to invest in foreign growth stocks. Mr van Eck was a pioneer of international investing being one of the first to recognise the potential value and opportunity in the post-war economic recovery of Europe and Japan.

In 1968, after studying under the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises at New York University, Mr van Eck launched the US’s first gold fund in time to participate in the great gold bull market of the 1970s. International Investors Gold Fund remains the oldest fund to concentrate in precious metals mining shares.

In 2006 VanEck launched the US’s first ever gold miners ETF. VanEck is now one of the largest exchange traded product providers in the US and worldwide.

Today VanEck’s CEO is Jan van Eck who continues the family tradition. The firm remains a privately owned investment management business. It is headquartered in New York, with offices worldwide, including Australia, China, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and United States. VanEck manages both active and passive strategies for clients ranging from individuals to superannuation funds, fancial advisors and institutional investors.



A focused asset manager with a history of innovation


Our mission is to offer investors intelligently designed investment strategies that take advantage of targeted market opportunities. We seek to provide long-term, superior performance in all our offerings, giving investors a choice between actively managed and index based investment strategies.

We bring our best to our clients through:

Independence a history of putting our client’s interests first in all market environments
Insight early identification of investment opportunities 
Accessibility client access to our investment teams and resources 
Execution market-tested portfolio management teams and processes 


Significant events in VanEck’s history:

1955 Founded Van Eck Global with launch of international equity mutual fund
1968 Created the first US gold equity fund 
1987 Offered one of the first global bond funds 
1993 Began managing emerging markets assets 
1994 Created first long-only hard assets fund 
1996 Launched emerging markets distressed debt strategies 
2006 Launched ETFs; issued first gold miners ETF 
2011 Commenced ETF self-indexing with launch of MV Index Solutions 
2013 Commenced operations in Australia 
2015 Launched European ETF business 
2016 Rebranded under VanEckbrand 

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