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14/12/20 Smart beta disruption to accelerate in 2021: VanEck  
09/11/20 Emerging markets bonds to bolster income and returns in ‘new world’: VanEck whitepaper  
13/10/20 Morningstar upgrades VanEck Australian equal weight and international quality ETFs  
29/09/20 Advisers maintain shift to ETFs from active managers: VanEck survey  
31/08/20 Game on. Invest in the future with VanEck’s Video Gaming and eSports ETF  
27/08/20 VanEck to launch two ETFs leveraging Morningstar’s leading research  
24/08/20 VanEck accelerates growth and announces four new ETFs  
24/08/20 VanEck to launch Australia’s first smart beta Global Healthcare Leaders ETF  
11/06/20 Money pours into Australian ETFs as market rallies  
27/05/20 Gold to test US$2,000 as economic risks grow  
14/05/20 Australian ETP industry passes COVID-19 Test  
28/01/20 VanEck to launch its first Active ETF  
15/01/20 VanEck launches Income ETF Model Portfolio, with rates to fall further  
28/11/19 China portfolio allocation: ‘more than zero’  
26/11/19 Interest rates to remain lower for longer – RBA to cut further  
30/10/19 VanEck launches 20th ETF with another first for Australia  
24/09/19 Investors seeking international opportunities should consider international property  
09/09/19 Smart beta entering the mainstream: VanEck survey  
30/08/19 VanEck making it easier to invest internationally  
28/08/19 Investors Missing Out on Benefits of Emerging Market Debt VanEck Research  
04/06/19 VanEck’s MSCI World ex Australia Quality ETF receives ‘Highly Recommended’ rating  
28/05/19 65% of Australian equity managers to be disrupted: VanEck  
01/05/19 When are feed too high?  
02/04/19 VanEck lists international hedged property ETF  
25/03/19 VanEck lists hedged version of QUAL ETF  
07/03/19 Mainland Chinese shares could lift on MSCI moves  
05/03/19 The secret sauce of index investing in Australian small companies  
12/12/18 ETP Industry grows despite market volatility  
24/10/18 China New Economy ETF to launch on ASX in an Australian first  
23/08/18 Smart beta strategies displace active  
10/08/18 VanEck welcomes ASIC's report on ETP industry, but highlights other issues for investors  
19/07/18 VanEck expands investments and operations team to support growth  
02/07/18 VanEck ESGI fund receives RIAA approval  
22/06/18 Equal weight outperformance: better exposure to the right tail  
18/05/18 VanEck ETF Model Portfolios Outperform  
19/04/18 Royal commission shock to catapult ETF growth  
19/03/18 VanEck to launch Australia’s first smart beta Emerging Markets ETF (ASX- EMKT)  
12/02/18 VanEck to launch sustainable international equity ETF (ASX- ESGI)  
29/01/18 VanEck strengthens commitment in Asia  
20/11/17 VanEck Corporate Bond ETF flies past $115M FUM  
14/11/17 Australian ETP Market Set to End Year on Record High  
26/10/17 Three VanEck ETFs Receive Zenith ‘Recommended’ Ratings  
19/10/17 VanEck Strengthens Business Development Team  
20/09/17 VanEck’s Australian Equal Weight ETF receives Lonsec Highly Recommended Index Rating  
28/08/17 VanEck’s Australian Floating Rate ETF (FLOT) Receives Lonsec Recommended Index Rating  
07/08/17 Survey Reveals Smart Beta ETFs Are Preferred Investments  
31/07/17 PLUS ETF added to BT SuperWrap platform  
07/07/17 VanEck launches 14th ETF on ASX: FLOT - Australia Floating Rate ETF  
21/06/17 VanEck welcomes MSCI’s decision to include China A-shares in EM Index  
20/06/17 VanEck to Launch Australia Floating Rate ETF  
16/06/17 VanEck Australia Awarded China RQFII License  
31/05/17 Smart beta demonstrates its worth in small-caps: VanEck white paper  
08/05/17 VanEck partners with Lonsec to launch ETF Model Portfolios  
27/04/17 VanEck to launch smart beta Australian fixed income ETF (ASX: PLUS)  
27/03/17 Australian institutions expect to increase ETF investment  
06/03/17 VanEck’s Morningstar Wide Moat ETF receives ‘Recommended’ rating  
06/02/17 Political uncertainty makes gold great again  
17/01/17 2016 pivotal year for smart beta ETFs  
09/01/17 Global growth on positive trajectory says VanEck  
16/12/16 Gold expert still predicts strong gold market  
08/11/16 International equity investing slows in lead up to US election  
21/10/16 VanEck’s smart beta ETFs receive Zenith recommended ratings  
12/10/16 Emerging equities gain momentum  
07/10/16 Gold expert believes long-run bull market still likely  
22/09/16 Global infrastructure to thrive  
09/09/16 ETP industry reaches all-time high: Smart beta and active ETPs attract lion’s share  
08/09/16 VanEck’s Australian Resources ETF receives rating upgrade  
09/08/16 Smart beta to become mainstream investment choice  
28/07/16 VanEck’s China A-shares ETF provides most effective access to  
07/07/16 Gold ETFs shine as investors rush to safety  
21/06/16 Lonsec awards 'Recommended Index' rating to VanEck Vectors FTSE Global Infrastructure (Hedged) ETF  
15/06/16 Australian investors missing out on emerging market debt opportunities  
30/05/16 Australian Equal Weight ETF doubles assets in six months  
11/05/16 Strategic beta ETFs making their mark in Australia  
03/05/16 New Global Infrastructure ETF lists on ASX  
02/05/16 New 100% Franked Dividend ETF lists today  
21/04/16 VanEck unites offerings under universal brand  
18/04/16 VanEck to launch Global Infrastructure and Equity Income Franked Dividend ETFs  
04/02/16 Lonsec upgrades QUAL ETF to recommended  
15/01/16 Record-breaking year predicted for ETFs  
14/01/16 Emerging Markets: the optimistic view  
15/12/15 Commodity prices could recover by mid-2016 says Van Eck Global  
02/12/15 China’s economic transition takes another positive step with reserve currency status  
05/11/15 QUAL added to BT SuperWrap and Asgard Super platforms  
28/10/15 Market Vectors ETFs receive Lonsec rating  
30/09/15 Market Vectors ETFs added to AMP approved product list  
10/09/15 Equal weight defies August volatility  
02/07/15 Van Eck Global lists Market Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF  
30/06/15 Van Eck Global lists world's largest gold equities ETF on ASX  
26/06/15 Van Eck Global lists first of its kind China A-Shares ETF  
27/05/15 Market Vectors ETFs lists new Small Cap Dividend Payers ETF on the ASX  
29/04/15 Market Vectors ETFs added to CFS FirstWrap platform  
29/04/15 Van Eck Global strengthens business development team  
20/04/15 MVW ETF best in class  
06/03/15 Market Vectors ETFs celebrates MVW's stellar first-year performance  
05/12/14 Australia's ETP market hits record milestone surpassing $14 billion: Market Vectors ETFs  
30/10/14 Market Vectors ETFs lists new MSCI World ex Australia Quality ETF on the ASX  
13/10/14 Market Vectors to launch MSCI World ex Australia Quality ETF  
15/09/14 Gold stocks undervalued  
19/08/14 Emerging markets offer promise for remainder of 2014  
15/08/14 Market Vectors expands Australian team  
08/08/14 Market Vectors Australia launches education initiative  
08/07/14 Australia's ETP market on track to reach $14 billion by year-end  
03/06/14 SMSFs reach record $558.6bn  
02/06/14 Gold Outlook  
30/05/14 SQM awards Market Vectors Australian Property ETF 4-star rating  
30/04/14 Banks shares hit new highs ahead of earnings reports  
29/04/14 White paper demonstrates equal weight index outperforms traditional indices  
21/03/14 Lonsec reviews Market Vectors Australian Equal Weight ETF  
05/03/14 Market Vectors new Australian Equal Weight ETF lists on ASX  
19/02/14 Market Vectors to launch first of its kind Australian Equal Weight ETF  
18/02/14 Market Vectors to launch new Australian Equal Weight ETF  
13/02/14 Experts say 2014 spotlight turning to resource shares, gold  
24/01/14 SMSFs should consider risks of holding too much cash  
06/11/13 First Australian Banks ETF provides access to record profits  
29/10/13 Lonsec approves Market Vectors Australian ETFs  
15/10/13 Market Vectors Australian ETFs begin trading on ASX  
25/09/13 Market Vectors to launch four new Australian ETFs  
22/07/13 Market Vectors announces senior team in Australia  
11/07/13 Market Vectors appoints head of business Australia