COMING SOON: Global Listed Private Equity ETF
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    COMING SOON: Global Listed Private Equity ETF

    07 November 2021

    Soon you will be able to invest with the smart money, gaining access to the start-ups, the buy-outs, and the project financing.

    Many of the most compelling investment opportunities cannot be found in the stock market.

    98% of companies worldwide are private. Unlocking the investment opportunities in these companies has been the domain of venture capital firms and professional investors.

    Until now.

    In another Australian first, VanEck will soon launch a Global Listed Private Equity ETF (ASX: GPEQ).

    GPEQ will give you the opportunity to invest alongside the smart money, gaining access to the start-ups, the buy-outs, and the project financing. You could potentially access the next Afterpay, Google, eBay or AirBnB before they list on the stock market.

    The opportunity
    GPEQ will track the LPX50 Index that includes 50 listed private equity companies with exposure to venture, growth and buy-out opportunities. The companies will gain their exposure to private equity either:

    • directly, that is the company invests directly in private equity from its own balance sheet;
    • indirectly, by investing into private equity funds; or
    • they are the private equity managers themselves.

    The importance of private equity
    Private equity has proven an attractive alternative source of growth historically commensurate with risk. Private equity investors have provided capital to companies to:

    imagefwxdx.png  Accelerate growth and expansion
    imagevf0or.png  Acquire other companies
    imagejefb.png  Buyout shareholders, partnerships or act as lenders
    imageznnx6.png  Acquire assets or fund projects

    Key risks

    There are certain risks inherent in investing in listed private equity companies. Generally there is limited publically available information about unlisted privately held companies, and consequently there is a risk that investors in such companies may not be able to make a fully informed investment decision.

    Register your interest in GPEQ
    This information is prepared in good faith by VanEck Investments Limited ACN 146 596 116 AFSL 416755 (‘VanEck’) as responsible entity and issuer of units in VanEck Global Global Listed Private Equity ETF (GPEQ). Units in GPEQ are not currently available. GPEQ has been registered by ASIC and VanEck has lodged an application with ASX for units in the fund to be admitted to trading status on ASX. The PDS has been lodged with ASIC and will be available at after the exposure period. This information is general in nature, not personal financial advice. It does not take into account any person’s individual objectives, financial situation or needs. The PDS and TMD will be made available at An investment in GPEQ has risks, including possible loss of capital invested. See the PDS for more details on risks. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. No member of the VanEck group guarantees the repayment of capital, the payment of income, performance, or any particular rate of return from any fund.

    LPX and LPX50 are registered trademarks of LPX AG, Zurich, Switzerland. The LPX50 Index is owned and published by LPX AG. Any commercial use of the LPX trademarks and/or LPX indices without a valid license agreement is not permitted. Financial instruments based on the index are in no way sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by LPX AG and/or its licensors and neither LPX AG nor its licensors shall have any liability with respect thereto.