Tax Statements FY19/20
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    Tax Statements FY19/20

    01 July 2020
    An announcement to all our investors.

    We will shortly be sending you your individualised tax statements regarding each of your investments in VanEck exchange traded funds (ETFs) which will also be made online via Link Market Services’ Investor Centre

    The statements set out the components of all dividends and all other information that you need to show in your 2020 tax return. This includes the dividends paid in July 2020.

    This year, VanEck tax statements will be sent to all investors on Friday 31 July 2020.

    To ensure details are up to date, investors are encouraged to review their details on Link Market Services’ Investor Centre. To reduce our carbon footprint, we implore investors to elect to receive tax statements by email rather than by paper post.

    For any questions, please contact Link Market Services on +61 1300 68 38 37 or